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Everybody Has a Story…What’s Yours?

This is the section for contributed personal stories. Inspire others by your personal stories. Share your funny stories, and allow others to share your joy. Contribute stories of people who have meant so much to you and share why. There are six categories of stories we are looking for and within those categories there are a number of types of stories you can contribute.

Why share your story? Stories are powerful. The draw people to you. But more than that, they help others. Your stories and how you perceive them may be very personal to you. But human beings are basically all the same. Once you share your stories, you will find that many have experienced the same things or the same feelings. Your stories may help them, or seeing how your stories inspire others, it may help you. Stories bring us together.

Another advantage if you are a business owner, is you can include your business URL. The story helps readers see the person behind the site, and when they click on your link, you have already created a connection with this person through your story.

Now sit back and enjoy the stories that were shared with us by others. Scroll down and click the link under the category of stories you wish to read, listen to on audio recordings or watch on video.

Have Fun!

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