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You've come to the place to begin your own "Once Upon a Time". The Tears of Joy Stories site is the meeting place where we share inspirational stories and also show you ways to tell your own life stories. This site, Tears of Joy Stories, shows you how you can begin to create your stories, share them, and to be inspired by stories of others.

Do you fear losing your family stories when your parents or grandparents pass on? Life is fleeting. We watch our children grow so fast, and then one day we turn around and notice our parents and grandparents are getting older. Did you know that you can celebrate the lives of those you love, with a personal montage? Sample the highs of their life, and the people they've cherished and nurtured, and give them the gift of remembering and seeing their own Life Movie. They'll love you for it. And you can cherish it forever.

This site focuses on how to create your life stories using our Biography services. We take a series of your pictures and home movies and mix them in with audio or video of you telling your life story or the life story of someone you love. With today's technology you can have a living, almost breathing keepsake of all your family members who you know and love, telling their life stories. What a wonderful gift for your loved one and for all your family members! This is a way to keep your family history alive for future generations!

Tears of Joy Video was founded to make personal storytelling available to everyone. After consulting with you to get a feel for how you want the story to unfold, we take your pictures and home movies and then we add our magic, to create your own video montage presentation. They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" -- can you even imagine what a thoughtfully presented series of pictures could say about you or someone you love? No one has lived your moments -- we honor that by creating an artistic keepsake video, custom tailored to your taste and style -- telling the story only you can relate.

Do you have a business? TOJMarketing is our business site where we show you how to create your business stories. Turning your message into a story is a powerful way to draw people into your marketing message. We show you how to create this story in short videos you can share on your website or on video viewing sites like You Tube. Be sure to also to stop by our business story section here, and read some personal success stories. Feel free to share yours with us. You may also want to check out our business directories and add your business to one of our list. Take some time to look at some of the pages we have created here in each category. After viewing or listening to others stories, think of your own stories which you would like to add and submit them to us.

So get ready to laugh, cry, be inspired from what you find here.

May that inspiration move you to share your stories or to start creating your own life movie.

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